EU Food Safety project publishes new guidelines

The EU Food Safety Project, funded by the European Union within the scope of the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community newly published 3 Guidelines:

  • Guidelines on microbiological criteria for milk and milk products
  • Guidelines for good hygiene practices, good manufacturing practices, and HACCP in milk production, processing, storage, and transportation
  • Guidelines on self-checks for feed producers
The first guideline is about understanding the microbiological criteria for milk and milk products. The second guideline covers how good hygiene practices in milk production, design and facilities of the establishment, operations, maintenance and sanitation, personnel hygiene and employee facilities, and HACCP implementation. These guidelines aim to help primary producers have their production in line with the EU standards as well as local standards, increase awareness and quality of milk by changing any inappropriate methods they may be currently using.
The third guideline on self-checks for feed producers aim to explain the obligations of feed business operators in terms of feed hygiene, to support their implementation and to enable feed producers to carry out systematic self-control. The feed hygiene provisions are intended to help ensure safety along the entire food chain, from production through processing, distribution, and primary production to the feeding of animals intended for food production. The feed business operators are responsible for ensuring feed safety. Feed business operators and farmers who manufacture, store, transport, or place on the market feed or produce it for exclusive use on their own farm shall be registered. In addition to the registration, feed business operators require authorization for certain activities.
You can visit our website to obtain these guidelines:

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